Graftless Lateral Sinus Floor Elevation (LSFE)


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Biological aspects and the rationale behind a graftless sinus floor elevation technique

By Prof. Stefan Lundgren .  Dr. Giampiero Ciabattoni

You will discover an innovative technique that allows sinus elevation working just on the native bone – the prerequisite being the regeneration of the autologous bone – without any sort of biomaterial or graft material. Scientific literature shows that implant rejection rates are lower with this technique that when using biomaterials or graft materials, and there is no report of sinus infection. Therefore, the LSFE approach is the method of choice in the vast majority of sinus augmentation procedures. This course aims to point out the principles, surgical protocols and latest innovations in sinus augmentation. You will acquire practical skills and deepen your knowledge of the theoretical background and the digital planning of the LSFE approach, thus increasing the predictability and the safety of the surgery and minimizing the cost for your patients.

This course includes:

  • 3 theoretical video lectures
  • 6 high-quality ReLIVE Surgeries
  • A video presentation of the surgical instruments

Topics covered in this course:

  • The background and philosophy behind the LSFE surgical protocol
  • Digital treatment planning (DTX Software) and long-term follow-up results
  • Patient’s pre-surgical preparation and post-surgical care
  • Different sizes of sinus membrane perforations, and how it is solved
  • Loss of implant integration during healing and functional loading
  • The analysis of what may go wrong and what to do if this happens

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Perform bone augmentation in a minimally invasive, fast and predictable way
  • Remove the bone window to create the space to reach the membrane
  • Correctly dissect the sinus membrane
  • Achieve primary implant stability without changing the implant size
  • Digitally plan all treatment phases and choose the proper instruments
  • Control the bleeding from the lateral sinus wall artery
  • Remove intra-sinus cysts

The course is recommended to all implantologists who are interested in sinus augmentation – even those with limited experience and those with little or no knowledge of the English language.

10 Videos – Files size 10.7 GB


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Graftless Lateral Sinus Floor Elevation (LSFE)
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