Hard and soft tissue augmentation 2.0

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Dr. Luca De Stavola

The course is divided into three thematic modules – each consisting of two theoretical lectures and a clinical review – followed by a final ReLIVE Surgery.

The first module covers the key factors in bone augmentation procedures, from the anatomical and biological factors to the strategies to increase stability and effectiveness. The second module highlights the benefits of adopting a digital approach instead of a free-hand one and presents the innovative Safecut® software. Finally, the third module focuses on soft tissue management.

Topics covered in the course:

  • Decision criteria in bone augmentation procedures
  • How to improve the predictability of bone augmentation procedures
  • Biological and anatomical principles in bone augmentation treatments
  • How the digital technologies can help us manage bone healing
  • How to improve the overall predictability of the treatment

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Define the reconstructive surgery goal and plan the surgical steps
  • Plan a bone harvest at a mandibular level
  • Know soft tissue handling concepts
  • Choose the materials to graft
  • Manage crestal augmentation with particular reference to horizontal, vertical and three-dimensional defects
  • Collect, prepare and optimize autologous bone for the surgical treatment
Course Contents:

In this first didactic module, DrDe Stavola analyzes the decision criteria of bone augmentation procedures, paying special attention on how to improve their overall predictability by looking at the biological factors and the surgical performances that might influence their outcomes.

In the following video lectures, participants will discover how to reach a real predictable primary wound healing and how to generate high implant stability.

Dr. De Stavola also discusses how digital technologies can be useful in key treatment phases such as the preliminary planning and bone harvesting.

  1. Decision criteria in bone augmentation: 85 minutes
  2. Macro-stability and strain related to the bone augmentation process: 80 minutes
  3. Re-LIVE Session: Clinical Review and Discussion about key factors in bone augmentation procedures: 105 minutes

In this second didactic module, Dr. De Stavola discusses the required surgical procedures to properly perform bone harvesting.

Participants will discover how the digital world has changed the way of planning and performing the Khoury Technique.

Several surgical clips are shown and Safecut®, a useful software for digital planning, is presented in a step-by-step modality.

  1. Benefits of computer guided approach in bone regeneration: 90 minutes
  2. Bone graft digital planning: 90 minutes
  3. Re-LIVE Session: Clinical Review and Discussion about computer guided approach and digital: 94 minutes

This final module is entirely dedicated to the soft tissue management during bone regeneration procedures.

According to Dr. De Stavola, it is fundamental to obtain a primary wound healing in order to have an optimal regeneration and reach excellent functional and esthetic outcomes.

Specific soft tissue management aspects such as flap design and its passivation to achieve good flap tension or the protective function of the tissue towards the wound are tackled.

  1. Soft tissue management – Part 1: 89 minutes
  2. Soft tissue management – Part 2: 74 minutes
  3. Re-LIVE Session: Clinical Review and Discussion about soft tissue management: 82 minutes

Final Re-LIVE Surgery: 2 hours

Presented By: Luca De Stavola

10 Videos – Duration: 16 hours – Files size: 56.6GB

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This course exceeded my expectations! Dr. Luca De Stavola's expertise and teaching style made complex concepts easy to understand.
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Game-changer! This course transformed my practice. Dr. Luca De Stavola's innovative approaches and evidence-based techniques have elevated my skill set. Thank you for the invaluable knowledge!
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